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PREMIUM QUALITY Extendable Curtain Track 190cm- 360cm
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Ideal for large windows, our 190-350 cm extendable curtain track ensures smooth operation with durable materials and an elegant design. Explore the possibilities!

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Large Extendable Curtain Track 190-350 cm | Durable and Easy to Install

Crafted from reinforced compound nylon and aero aluminum, our curtain tracks promise durability and a lightweight build for easy handling. The high-quality gliders allow for exceptionally smooth and silent movement, making them a favourite in any setting. Installation is straightforward, with ceiling mount brackets included for immediate setup. Optional wall mount brackets are also available for a small additional charge.

Expand the functionality of your larger window treatments with our 190-350 cm extendable curtain track. This track covers a significant range, perfect for large windows or doors, and operates smoothly thanks to its superior gliders. The combination of reinforced nylon and aluminum offers both strength and minimal weight, facilitating easy installation and reliable use. Ceiling brackets are included, with wall brackets offered as an additional option.

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Extendable curtain tracks are made from materials such as aluminum which have weight-bearing capacity, durability, and aesthetics.

Adjustable Length: The primary function of an extendable curtain track is its ability to be adjusted in length. This adaptability is particularly useful when dealing with windows of varying sizes within a certain range.

Extendable curtain tracks are versatile and can be used with different types of curtains, such as pencil pleat curtains, tab-top curtains, or those with curtain hooks. This versatility makes them suitable for various window treatments and styles.

Extendable curtain tracks are designed for easy installation. They often come with mounting brackets that can be attached to the wall or ceiling. The extendable feature eliminates the need for precise measurements during installation, as the rod can be adjusted to fit the window opening.

Ease of Operation: The telescopic design should not compromise the ease of operation. A well-designed extendable curtain track should allow for smooth opening and closing of the curtains without any hindrance.

(Ceiling Mount Brackets included, Wall Mount Brackets at Extra Cost)

Whats in the pack:

4 sizes to choose from:


Q1: Is this track suitable for wide windows?
A1: Yes, its extensive adjustable range makes it ideal for larger window or door areas.

Q2: How does the track handle heavier curtains?
A2: It is designed to support heavier drapes, thanks to its strong build and efficient glider system.

Q3:What installation options are available?
A3: Ceiling mount brackets come standard, with wall mount brackets available at additional cost.

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    PREMIUM QUALITY Extendable Curtain Track 190cm- 360cm

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