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Compact Extendable Curtain Rods 120-210 cm
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Customize your space with our versatile 120-210 cm extendable curtain rods, available with elegant finials in silver, black chrome, and brass.

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Consol Blinds & Homes is proud to offer a variety of modern curtain rods at great prices. Our curtain rods are strong and useful.They are designed to support all kinds of curtains, from light to heavy ones. Workers carefully make the rods to ensure durability. They can support a variety of curtain weights.


Customizable Fit for Any Window: Our Adjustable Curtain Rods

Our curtain rods stand out for their adjustable design, ensuring a perfect fit for windows of all sizes. Our rods can be easily customized to fit any size window, whether it's small or large. This ensures a perfect fit for your specific needs.


Effortless Curtain Installation: Simplify Your Space with Our Easy-to-Use Rods

Installing your curtains has never been easier thanks to the simple and straightforward setup of our curtain rods. With clear instructions and all the necessary hardware included, you can have your curtains hung in no time, eliminating the need for costly professional assistance.


Tailored Solutions for Your Home: Explore Our Diverse Range of Curtain Rods and Accessories

At Consol, we know every home is unique. That's why we provide a broad range of curtain rods, tracks, and accessories to match your personal style and preferences. Shop with ease either in-store or online, and find everything you need to confidently complete your window


Elevate Your Space: Discover Quality and Style with Consol Blinds & Homes

Transform your windows with ease and style by choosing Consol Blinds & Homes as your trusted partner for all your curtain rod needs. With our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that you're making the right choice for your home.

This collection contains 4 curtain rod types :

Brush Silver Rod, Brush Brass Rod, Black Chrome Rod and Satin Silver Rod.

(Brush Silver Rod & Brush Brass Rod are with more than 4 meter extra long curtain rod)


Explore our compact 120-210 cm extendable curtain rods, perfect for small to medium windows. Available with a selection of stylish finials to match any decor:

  • Silver Ball Finial: A sleek and modern option for contemporary interiors.
  • Black Chrome Ball Finial: Ideal for adding a bold, modern touch to any room.
  • Antique Brass Ball Finial: Perfect for those who appreciate a traditional or vintage aesthetic.
  • Satin Silver Deco Finial: Offers a unique, decorative touch to enhance any window dressing.

These rods combine functionality with style, providing durable and adjustable solutions for your window treatments.

The diameter of these rods are 25mm ~28mm in which smaller size rod slide into large size rod.

Whats in The Pack:


The curtain rod fittings include heavy duty curtain rod brackets, curtain finials and screws. With its easy-to-follow instructions to show you how to install curtain rods, yourself can be a curtain rod installer.


Upgrade your window treatments with our double curtain brackets. Available for an extra fee, they easily turn your curtain rod into a double rod. Find them in our Blinds & Curtain Accessories section.



Curtain rings for pleated curtains are available for an additional cost. Find them in our selection Explore our Blinds & Curtain Accessories section.


4 Sizes Options:




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What types of finials are available for the 120-210 cm extendable curtain rods?

A1: We offer four elegant finial styles for our 120-210 cm curtain rods: Silver Ball, Black Chrome Ball, Antique Brass Ball, and Satin Silver Deco Finial. Each style adds a unique touch to your window treatment, allowing you to customize the look to match your decor.

Q2: Are the curtain rods adjustable within the 120-210 cm range?

A2: Yes, our curtain rods are fully adjustable within the 120-210 cm range, making them versatile enough to fit a variety of window sizes and spaces.

Q3: Can I use these curtain rods for heavyweight curtains?

A3: Our curtain rods are designed to support a range of curtain weights. For very heavy draperies, we recommend adding middle curtain bracket to ensure additional support and stability.

Q4: How can I purchase double curtain brackets?

A4: Double curtain brackets are available for an extra charge and can be found in our Blinds & Curtain Accessories section. These brackets allow you to create a double curtain rod setup for layered window treatments.

Q5: What is included in the pack when I purchase a curtain rod?

A5: Each pack includes one extendable curtain rod, a set of finials, mounting brackets, installation screws and wall anchors, and a detailed instruction manual to guide you through the setup process.

Q6: Where can I find additional accessories like curtain rings?

A6: Additional accessories such as curtain rings are available for purchase separately in our Blinds & Curtain Accessories section. They are ideal for users with pleated curtains and those seeking extra functionality and style.


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