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Grand Baroque Extendable Curtain Rods 190-380 cm
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Uncover our 190-380 cm extendable curtain rods with luxurious Baroque finials. 5 Decorative Styles

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Majestic Baroque Style Curtain Rods for Grand Windows

Perfect for the grandest spaces, our 190-380 cm extendable curtain rods feature spectacular Baroque finials in a lustrous silver finish. Whether you're dressing up a large living room or a spacious hall, these rods provide elegance and style:

The Baroque Style Deco Curtain Rod & Finial Set is a luxurious and ornate window treatment solution that brings a touch of opulence to your living space. This set is meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal of your curtains and add a regal charm to your interior decor.

Baroque Design Elements: The curtain rod and finials feature intricate Baroque-inspired design elements, characterized by elaborate scrolls, curves, and ornate detailing. These decorative elements are reminiscent of the grandeur and richness associated with Baroque architecture and art.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium materials such as durable metals or resin, the Baroque Style Deco Curtain Rod & Finial Set ensures longevity and sturdiness. The quality construction not only adds to its durability but also provides a substantial and substantial feel.

Versatile Styling: The Baroque Style Deco Curtain Rod & Finial Set is versatile and complements a range of curtain styles, from heavy drapes to sheer panels. Its timeless design makes it suitable for various rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, and formal dining areas.

  • Baroque Round: Adds a regal touch.
  • Crystal Round: Brightens any room with its reflective beauty.
  • Acrylic Black: Offers a modern contrast with its deep black finish.
  • Doric Style: Provides a sleek, minimalist appeal.
  • Rectangular Crystal: Captures the light beautifully, ideal for luxurious settings.

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Finial Embellishments: The finials, or end caps, are the focal point of this set. They showcase exquisite detailing that complements the Baroque design theme. From From delicate hollows to engraved to clear rhinestones, the finials serve as elegant accents that elevate the overall aesthetic of the curtain rod.

Rich Finishes: Available in rich and sophisticated finishes, such as antique silver, black square or crystal diamond,, the set adds a luxurious touch to your window treatments. These finishes contribute to the timeless and classic appeal of the Baroque style, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate traditional and opulent decor.

Curtain rings for pleated curtains are available for an additional charge. Find them our Blinds & Curtain Accessories section.

3 Sizes Options:

Adjustable Length: The Baroque Style Deco Curtain Rod & Finial Set features an ornate design with a practical twist. Its telescoping mechanism allows for effortless length adjustment to accommodate different window sizes, ensuring a versatile and tailored installation.

Double Curtain Brackets: Available for an additional fee, these brackets allow you to convert your setup into a double curtain rod. Find them in our Blinds & Curtain Accessories section.

Easy Installation: This set comes with all the required hardware and brackets for a straightforward setup. It includes clear and concise instructions, enabling homeowners to easily achieve a polished and sophisticated look independently, without professional help.

Q1: Are the 190-380 cm rods easy to adjust?
Yes, these rods are designed to be easily adjustable, ensuring they fit a wide range of window sizes smoothly.

Q2: What type of design aesthetics do these finials complement?
Our Baroque-style finials are versatile enough to complement a variety of decor styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Q3: How durable are the curtain rods and finials?
Made from high-quality materials, our curtain rods and finials are built to last, ensuring durability and sustained elegance.

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